One of the best videos ever made!

Red faces for UKIP in Twitter gaffe mistaking cathedral for a mosque

Unwary post highlights the risk of using social media.

Reflection: The electric shock of the gospel

Do we have a problem with the word 'repentance', asks David Baker?

Ten sins that we now take less seriously

If we were to make a list of the things that wrong or offend God, what would go on it? Martin ...

Meet Santa's little helpers: all 1,792 of them

Thai children break Guinness World Record for largest gathering of elves.

The power of the popular: Should Christians engage more with the media?

Sarah Lothian asks what could happen if Christians engaged more with the popular media?

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Full Bellies, Thankful Hearts

God designed your stomach and your heart to be intimately connected. “Eat your food!” That’s what ...

America the Beautiful, America the Violent

Ferguson may be about race, but it is also about violence. And we should have something to say ...

A Decision in Ferguson: How Should Evangelicals Respond?

The grand jury has made a decision in Ferguson, now we have to make ours. How will we respond? In ...

Our Bodies Were Made for You, O Lord

We've been designed, right down to the DNA, to love and serve our maker. If Psalm 139 were ...

News: Medical Missionaries' Ebola Pullback: No More Kent Brantlys?

As ministries report record interest in serving, Samaritan's Purse shifts strategy on what expat ...